Srinivas Dasari's Pen

SodhnaLibrary is my pen name. My blog and my online tools are under this domain only. I use my blog to share my works and creations.

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You can find my blog at This blog contains articles regarding to programming. If you are a programmer with JAVA and Web technologies, this blog may help you.

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Algorithm Demos

For easy and better understanding of how algorithms work, you can see This site contains demos about Sorting, Trees, Graphs, Linked Lists, Dynamic Programming and many more

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POJO tool

While doing one project, I have faced one situation to convert XML or JSON to Java pojo classes. Doing this job manually is difficult, so I have created one online tool to do this.

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How will use flat icons generally ? download icons from web and change icons color and use them for your purpose. No need of changing color in your PC, You can directly download colored flat icons by converting them into colored flat icons using this tool.

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