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At the age of 28, I have only one thought "I want to be rich" "Even without any job, I should be able generate money and live happily". Most of the us wants the same thing. "How should I achieve it ?". Then I started my research and Got some suggestions from colleagues. I started reading some early investing books "Rich Dad Poor Dad", "Intelligent investor"..etc. Then i got excited about investing in the stock market.

           First year investing is really bad, I have lost 10% of my investment. After that I started doing my research and created some algorithms. Luckily I have found an algorithm for intraday trading,Which generated 100% of my investment next year. Sometimes my algorithm fails due to some news or global factors or rumours, In those cases I am facing huge losses. To make my algorithm more successful, I need to do prediction analysis.

            In this blog, I will share my prediction analysis and post-mortem analysis. Happy reading.


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